26 September 2017
26 September 2017,
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When one is involved in an accident, there is a likelihood of them not thinking straight. Putting in mind the very high emotions, the injuries involved and the shock. It is however important to understand that despite the tension and confusion during this time, local car wreck lawyers will advise that it is important to understand a few vital facts while at the scene. Below are some of the things that you are required to do.


Never leave the scene

It is important to stay at the scene of the accident so as proper information is gotten by the relevant parties. In case of any fatality, chances are you might be prosecuted for hit and run charges which makes you a criminal.


Check on all the involved parties

It is important to confirm that everyone involved in the accident is ok, in case of casualties, call the paramedics. You just never know, you might as well save a life. Avoid moving them especially if they have back and neck injuries because this might aggravate their situation.


Call the authorities

The police need to be aware of the situation in an event that there is a lot of property damage, death or even physical injury. Once the report is drafted ensure that it’s filed by the police. If possible get the details of the cops on the scene. This report will be needed by your local car wreck lawyers too.


Get information from the scene

It is important to ensure that you exchange information with the persons involved in the accident. Get their contacts, names, insurance information, the license plate, drivers licence and so on. This information is necessary for the local car wreck lawyers to carry out follow up and so on. It is also important to take photos of the scene. This will ensure that the original scene as captured in its originality. Make sure you do not tamper with the scene when taking the photos.


Inform your Insurance company

Your insurance company is your partner for this reason it is important for you to tell the truth of the events that led to the accident. It is important to note that insurance companies also carry out their own investigation. In a case where one is found to be lying, the compensation and cover for the accident is likely to be denied. It is also important to ensure that you get that an evaluation report from your insurance company. In a scenario where the valuation is not satisfactory, it is important get a second opinion by hiring local car wreck lawyers.


Engage an Attorney

The attorneys play a very important role in ensuring that your rights are protected and at the same time safeguard the evidence of the accident scene. It is always important to hire experienced lawyers to be on the safe side. They will assist you in getting the right legal advice that will enable you deal with the insurance company to be sufficiently compensated, and with the authorities where you are likely to be on the wrong. It is important to note that the local car wreck lawyers will in most cases get a small percentage of the value of compensation.  If you want some more information about choosing an attorney then be sure to visit https://avocatcriminelmtl.ca.

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